MOUNT BATUR SUNRISE TREKKING: All you want to recognize


Where is Mount Batur
Mount Batur, additionally referred to as Gunung Batur, is placed in Bali, Indonesia. It is a 2-hour power from Canggu/Seminyak and approximately a one hour power from Ubud. The district wherein the volcano lies is Kintamani District.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Price

It sits at five,six hundred toes above sea degree that is 1717 meter of altitude. The Mount Batur is an energetic volcano, much like the Mount Agung. Although Agung’s final eruption changed into in 2019, and the final eruption of Batur changed into in 2000.

About Mount Batur
Mount Batur is a sacred stratovolcano in Bali of 1717 meters top placed in Kintamani. Batur volcano is taken into consideration to be greater than 50.000 years vintage and changed into even greater than 4000 meters excessive earlier than the primary eruption 29,three hundred years ago. This eruption prompted a disintegrate of the magma chamber that created concentric calderas. Nowadays Mount Batur is marked via way of means of a collapsed pinnacle this is referred to as a caldera.

Mount Batur continues to be an energetic volcano however is fairly monitored and secure to climb. The final eruption of Mount Batur changed into in 2000 and you may you spot the huge lava fields that changed into created via way of means of the eruption. You also can discover the lava fields via way of means of foot, jeep or motorcycle excursion.

Mount Batur hike key facts
Before you prompt for the Mount Batur hike, under a few key facts! It’s essential to recognise that there are extraordinary routes to rise up Mount Batur. The ‘longer’ however much less steep model which takes approximately 1,five hours one manner and is eleven kilometres out and lower back. And the shorter however plenty steeper course which simplest takes approximately forty five mins to at least one hour to attain the pinnacle and is 7 kilometres out and lower back. We did each routes, the longer model in April 2019 with the exceptional excursion courses of Four Elements Adventure and the shorter model in October 2021.

Hike distance and duration: The general distance of the Mount Batur hike is 7 kilometres out and lower back for the quick course and eleven kilometres out and lower back at the longer course. The shorter course will take you everywhere among forty five mins and 1 hour when you have a quick pace.

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The longer course will take you approximately double the time as you first trek a chunk via the wooded area even as at the shorter course you begin already at a top of approximately 1250 meters at Pura Pasar Agung.

Difficulty and incline: The Mount Batur hike is carried out via way of means of many people, younger and vintage. However, you do have to triumph over incline and lots of choppy steps. The longer course has approximately seven hundred meters of inline over eleven kilometres of hiking. The shorter model has 500 meters of incline over 7 kilometres of hiking. I wouldn’t say the Mount Batur hike is difficult, it’s mild however may be heavy at a few points. It all relies upon in your health degree and if you’re used to hiking. However, the view with dawn is nicely really well worth the climb!